MLD Buyer Show - Amy Morris
Hi Linda, I wanted to review the items I ordered from you. I ordered the Infanta ~The Strawberry Kitchen Maid~ jumper skirt with matching tights and rosette, along with the Magic Tea Party ***Leyla*** blouse. In fact, everything I'm wearing here was ordered from you (apart from the wig and wrist cuffs!), and I couldn't be happier! The quality of the garments are amazing and everything looks exactly as it does in the stock photos. The shipping was fast, and I really appreciate how promptly you answered my many questions via email, communication with you was fantastic. Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience, I can't wait to wear everything to an event called Hyper Japan in the summer!
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MLD Buyer Show - ‎Alexandra Joyner
Hi Linda, I'm just leaving a review! I ordered Neverland Lolita/Souffle Song's ★~Eternal Sirius~★ Lolita JSK + Cape Set and Infanta's Elastic Chiffon Embroidery Lolita Blouse. The JSK and Cape set arrived quickly along with the blouse, and to be honest both the set and the blouse complimented each other perfectly. Linda was also great to talk to and the communication was prompt especially when resolving the shipping issue of the JSK. Thank you for such a pleasant experience! It was really awesome wearing such a beautiful coord for a shoot.
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Diamond Strawberry Heart Lolita Jumper Dress Buyer Show
Yesterday I wore the strawberry dress to a lolita meetup downtown. We had a picnic under this covered area. I told the people at the meetup where I bought it from, they thought it was pretty.
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Rabbit Teeth ~Myosotis Sylvatica~ OP Dress Buyer Show
Hello dear Linda! Here's the review for the dress Rabbit teeth Myosotis Sylvatica. I think it's a gorgeous dress with lots of details, it fits me perfectly and I had lots of compliments (more than usual!). The dress comes with a nice green brooch. Thank you again!
2016-05-12View More Buyer Show - Michelle Warren
Beautiful photos from our lovely customer - Michelle Warren. She bought Honey Honey [--Cats Self-portraits--] Lolita Jumper Dress and Forest Sambar [--Vincent and The Starry Night--] Lolita Jumper Dress from us.
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Milu Forest ~Matcha Dessert~ Lolita JSK Buyer Show & Short Review
I bought the Milu Forest ~Matcha Dessert~ JSK, with matching bonnet. AND I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! I am not usually one to wear green but as soon as I saw the preorder, I HAD to have it! I regret not buying the blouse as well but I felt my vintage blouse I had in my wardrobe went well with the JSK. I love using your site to buy my favourite Chinese Lolita brands! Linda is always helpful! Can't wait for the blouses I ordered! Thank you! ♡♡♡☆☆
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Magic Tea Party ~Autumn Sakura~ Lolita Jumper Dress Buyer Show
Happy Chinese New Year! I just received my very first Lolita dress and accessories today from and I love everything! It's all very well made and detailed. I am very happy. Thank you!
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Surface Spell Lady In Darkness Obscure Fishbone High Waist Skirt Buyer Show
Hello dear Linda, how is the chinese new year going? I hope you're enjoying! This is me wearing the Surface Spell lady in the darkness fishbone high waist skirt and Surface Spell Dancing Roses Chiffon Shirt. Both of them are awesome quality, I'm really satisfied with my purchase! The shirt is soft and the fabric of the skirt is very thick. Thank you again!
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Yolanda Berry River Lolita Jumper Dress Buyer Show
Yolanda berry river. I love this series, and it looks so cute on!
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Magic Tea Party Christmas Twilight Jumper Dress Buyer Show
Hello Linda, i'm writing you for sharing my experience and to say, thank you! My dress is wonderful, comfy and keep me warm during this italian winter! I just love the embroidery details and for my great luck this dress came just right on Christmas Eve so i could wear it for greeting all of my parents and friends! I love your site, you are the best ^^
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Precious Clove Letters to My Dear JSK Buyer Show
Precious Clove Letters to My Dear JSK Buyer Show - Jenna Grat
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Red Black Bows Wa Lolita Dress
This dress is perfect, I love it a lot and want to share my photos here.
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