About Site Update and Possible Questions!
Here are some tips about My-Lolita-Dress site update.
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Selected Lolita Preview and Preorders April(1), 2020
Hi, hope you all find a comfortable way to work from home, and some good ways to kill time. ^__^
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Selected Lolita Preview and Preorders March(3), 2020
Greetings! We decide to continue sending newsletters of new lolita designs, as a change of mood from virus. It's tough time, only buy for must have. ^^
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** It's tough time, let's get through this together! **
If you need any virus combat related stuffs, such as face masks, gloves, protective glasses, let me know and I will shop and ship for you WITHOUT any service fee.
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Four Lolita Designs Available Worth a Look! ^__^
Here's the selected 4 lolita dresses designs worth a check this week!
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This is a phenomenon design worth a single newsletter ^__^
This beautiful Henrietta Rose Queen Vintage Dress has corset bodice, to frame your body very well.
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Selected Lolita Preview and Preorders Feb (2), 2020
Happy Spring! Hope everyone stay healthy and happy! Here's a collection of lolita preorders and previews in February, 2020.
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Delay for Lolita Items Process and Shipment Due to Coronus Virus Outbreak ***And Gift***
Greetings ^__^ Wish everyone of you stay healthy and happy for this Spring. Sadly because of the unexpected coronus virus outbreak in Wuhan, China, some of the orders placed will be influenced!
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Beautiful Lolita Designs Available Feb, 2020 (1)
Greeting from Linda here :) Recently we have an unexpected illness outbreak in China, so for items ready we could only ship out around Feb 10th. If you have a short deadline, please email me and I will see what I can do. Wish everyone stay healthy and happy for this Spring! ^__^ Here is a collection of selected lolita preorders available in February, 2020. ^__^
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2020 Chinese Lunar New Year Selected Lolita Preorders & Previews!
Happy Lunar Spring Festival! This month we have many beautiful lolita designs ^__^ Here's a collection of the lolita designs and previews for your easy review!
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Selected Lolita Preview and Preorders Jan (2), 2020
Greetings! We are into the last week of the new year gift campaign Below are the selected lolita designs and previews this week! As said in this January we have so many designs available. Hope you get your favourite!
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Selected Lolita Designs & Previews This Week!
This week we have many new lolita designs, plus the 2nd preorder for many classic designs from past years. I hope you could find something you love :)
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