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About Site Update and Possible Questions!

Since July 1st, 2020 we updated to a new version of site, which will be more user friendly for some features. It will allow us to display the products pictures for you per item, per color, to avoid confusion. There's also quick shipment check url for orders in new system. 

1. We managed to move yout accounts to new system, but we have to automatically generate new password, so please use Forget Passowrd function at page below, to set pw again:

Reset Password: (reset by URL should be easiest)

New Login/Register page:

If there's any credits loss during this transit, please email me, we will be fully responsible:

2. Sadly we can't move the orders to new system, but your orders are in normal process. Feel free to email me to check order status: 

You could also access our previous system via this link: 

Then login with your old account and pw info, to check your previous orders and wishlist in whole July. 

3. As compensation, we will include gift for your next order, please email me order id when it's available :) 

<< Get Gift for Each Order over $100 for Lolita ^^

>> Selected Lolita Preview and Preorders April(1), 2020

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