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Delay for Lolita Items Process and Shipment Due to Coronus Virus Outbreak ***And Gift***

Greetings ^__^ Wish everyone of you stay healthy and happy for this Spring. Sadly because of the unexpected coronus virus outbreak in Wuhan, China, some of the orders placed will be influenced! We stay at home, to help stop the virus from spreading. The customer support, orders collection, site update are not influenced, but the items tailor time are longer. We need more time to prepare material, sewing, and quality check for our lolita dresses. 

Details Below: 

1)For orders placed after Jan 20th which include the ready made items only(8-12 days process time stated at site), we will ship out most packs around Feb 20th. There's a small amount which needs longer time. 

2)For orders of preorder items, delivery time are not influenced. There are a small amount of preorders which need longer time than planned. If there's a major delay, I will email you with details, and you could decide whether you want to keep them, or cancel :) 

3)For orders of items which need tailor time, most will have a small delay. There's a small amount of items which will have a major delay, right now mainly the Souffle Song items(items code begin with gc-).

4)For orders of shoes placed after Jan 20th, we could ship out mostly at beginning of March. 

If you have a deadline, please email me about details of process time. 

Thanks for your understanding. We will include gift for all orders placed after Jan 20th, 2020 as our sincere thanks! 

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