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Chocolate Bear Dress Buyer Show

Review by our sweet customer Sophie Sinclair, the pretty girl wearing the dress. Full copyrights owned by her.


By Sophie:

This dress is my favorite dress I have ever owned. And it's so affordable too!

The regular pricing is totally fair and a great price, and I got it for even cheaper thanks to the special pre-order discount! I only had to wait about a month for the pre-order until it was shipped out. It's comfortable, soft, material, seems pretty durable, too. Comes with two detachable bows, I use one of them to clip onto my hair :) I don't think I have ever loved a dress so much! I love that it's a pretty simple pattern, not too busy, I really prefer dresses simpler prints on dresses and i'd say this one is pretty simple and I love that. I really wanted a dress with bears on it, and I this one was better than I could have dreamed of. The fact that it has chocolate bars on it makes it even better! I wasn't looking for chocolate, I was only looking for bears, so the chocolate was an amazing bonus. I was worried it would be too small for me but it fits me PERFECTLY, like it as made for me. I'm so happy. Thank you my-lolita-dress!

I'm 5'5, 140 pounds and the size M fit perfectly. I'm actually technically 5'4.8. I have a short torso and long legs. My bust is like around 30 or 34 inches. My waist is something like 26 or 30 inches, sorry the measurements aren't exact but it seems like every time i measure i get a different measurement, i don't know how that happens haha. and the hip measurement really doesn't matter since it's super loose in that area to accommodate a petticoat :) I love that I don't have to worry about measuring my hips. Oh, and the dress stops right above the knee, which is ideal! Not too long, not too short.

I'm sorry this review is so long but I am just crazy for this dress :) LOVE IT.

If you like to wear brown and cream colors, like teddy bears and chocolate, it's a dream dress!

I wore this to my first lolita meet up and it certainly helped me feel more confident meeting new people wearing a dress that makes me feel fabulous.

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