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USD Buyer Show: Dysphoriagal

Sincere thanks goes to our pretty customer Dysphoriagal for her review about our lolita dress ^__^

Infanta A Dance in Fairyland Lolita JSK Tea Party Design

I purchased the entire set aside from the back veil; I am so overwhelmingly happy with my purchase. The print on this jsk is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are pigmented and the print itself is clear.

I adored the fit and I'm content with the length! (Should be noted that the "petticoat" is just an underlay! Its beautiful but its not a petticoat! A nice A-line petti looks lovely with the silhouette of the jsk. ) The bonnet isn't stiff but that's not a problem to me! It slides a bit but a bobby pin on either side solves that issue! There were quite a few threads here and there but there were 0 pattern complications.

In short, I highly recommend this jsk + set!

-by Dysphoriagal

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