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Get Free Socks or Tights from


1. For each order ABOVE 1 USD (any product you buy from our online store), you will get a pair of tights or socks FOR FREE!

2. The tights and socks are randomly selected, the design and quality of the tights or socks are both very good, you can refer to our socks & tights collection:  My-Lolita-Dress Socks and Tights Collection

3. Available Date: from July 27 to August 31

4. Once you place your order during the available date, our shipper will put a pair of socks or tights into your pack when your pack is ready for shipping. Please don't worry, our shipper will NOT forget it ^^ And even if she forgets it, you can contact us with your order id, and then we will ship the tights or socks to you separately and FOR FREE!

If you have any questions regarding to this campaign, please contact us for help. You can reach us via email ( or Facebook ( ^^

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