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Get FREE Infanta Blouse from My-Lolita-Dress

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1. For each order ABOVE 400USD, you will get an Infanta Blouse FOR FREE!

2. You are allowed to select the "STYLE", "COLOR" and "SIZE" for the blouse, all available blouses are here >>> Infanta Lolita Blouse Collection (28 Types of Blouses Available for You to Choose from)

3. If your order is ABOVE 400USD, please leave us a note about your [--ideal blouse's link (or sku code or blouse's name)--], [--ideal blouse's color--] and [--ideal blouse's size--]. Our shipper will ship the blouse together with your order. (NO EXTRA SHIPPING FEE!!!)

4. Available Date: from September 23 to September 30 (The moment you see this article, the campaign is already available)

TIPS: We suggest that you and your friend(s) buy items together, and then it will be easier to make the order's value (items' value, the shipping fee is not calculated) above 400USD ^^

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