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Velvet Blouse, Petticoats and Bloomers for Winter ^__^

Greetings! For this winter, besides the coats, cardigans, there are also velvet lolita accessories for you to have a warm while cute season!

Newly arrived Winter Venus Lolita Blouse *Normal and Thick 2 Versions*

Elegant Velvet Lolita Blouse

Color: white, beige, navy, black

Velvet Adjustable Lolita Petticoat by Classical Puppet

Velvet Lolita Bloomers - 42cm and 60cm 2 Versions

Color: white, pink, heart strawberry, white cloud

Preorder End: Nov 15th

Velvet Lolita Bloomers - 35cm and 75cm 2 Versions

Color: white, pink, coffee, black

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