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  • 2021-04-23
    I've been eying the pearl waistbelts for quite some time, and I just received pearl-belt B and it's really awesome for the price - I already love it dearly because it's very well made, very extravaganza and it doubles as a necklace too,so points on versatility too..! <3

    It's basically a big buckle with a 5 cm broad sturdy elastic pearl "mesh" (the pearls have been stringed together in a net pattern) which neatly can sit around a 70-74cm waist without being overly stretched, and because of the way it's made, you can stretch it a bit further yet without it looking weird, or "pulled apart". You close it by hooking two hooks (which sit on the back of the buckle) into the end of the belt; that way you can also adjust the length shorter, or simply wind it double around your neck and it's an OTT necklace..! ^__^

    Materials and craftsmanship are all splendid - there's nothing cheap-looking about this belt, and it will surely take a coord to the next level..! ^__^
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