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  • 2021-11-27
    My oh my, what a great package! Two lovely dresses in red (one was not listed as a possibility though, so very surprised!)
    Both gorgeous, heavy and well made.
    Got a hime blouse and red headdress as well. It all matches perfectly.
    So both for starters as veteran lolita's: get a lucky pack, it is worth it.
  • 2021-09-30
    Some winn, some lose.
    I Bought a total of 4 Dresses in Luckypacks:
    Thou I specifically requested XL dresses, two of them were size L. The measurements may seem to fit , but the cut does not, therefore two out of 4 were out from a start. Pitty.
    The other two, are not my style, thats the gamble with Luckypacks.
    Quality wise: very good. Accesoires matched the dresses, Blouse is lovely, dresses are solid good quality.
    Customer service was understanding, Shipping was quick.
    All in all, happy but not sadisfied...I'll try again some other time.
  • 2021-09-20
    I am so glad of what I got!
    I got 2 dresses, a blouse, a bow and a matching dress!
    The whole pack would have been worth around 150euros if it was bought separately so I'm soooo happy!!
    I got an alice dress with the matching bow, an amazing lace blouse with long waterfall sleeves and a Sleeping beauty dress!
    The quality is so good I'm thinking about buying another one haha
  • 2021-07-27
    Love love love my pieces!! Everything is so pretty and the shipping was very fast. Will order from here again!
  • 2021-06-17
    I ordered this package for Beginners, Package B to be exact
    And its perfect! While it may not always Match the desired style, the dress is as usual for the Brand, High quality, and was very Quickly shipped by M.Lolita Dress

    I was also pleasently surprised to receive the now unavaible Cinderella Mini JSK!
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