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  • 2022-03-13
    I bought one bag of each size (including the purse) without bows in red. They are absolutely gorgeous! ❤

    And the red is a perfect match for the (strawberries on the) Elpress L ~ Sweet Charlie dress, which I was looking for.

    Also, you can fit a lot more inside than I'd originally imagined (this goes for all the bags, but not the purse).

    And the workmanship is good. These bags defo won't fall appart on you any time soon.

    There are two points to consider before purchasing the bags, however:

    a) The purse is bigger but less detailed than thought as it's basically only two sides plus a zipper inbetween.
    If you want to carry coins (or other small items) in it, I'd recommend using a secondary container for them inside the purse as the zipper opens almost all the way around.

    b) The Size L bag only comes with a shoulder strap to turn it into a cross-body bag and a big pearl chain to turn it into a handbag. There are no belts for wearing it as a backpack. So if you want to do so you need to come up with something yourself.

    If you don't mind that or you're the crafty type like me, go right ahead and treat yourself to these cuties! You're definitely NOT going to regret it. ^.^
  • 2019-06-25
    I bought this bag a good two weeks or so ago in the medium size. This bag is pure eyecandy: the details, the embroidery, the pearls and bows. It’s perfect, and I’ve fallen in love with it! I’ve been wanting a strawberry themed lolita item for so long and this bag was begging to be bought.

    The bag can’t fit my iPad Mini inside (as expected), but it can fit a good amount in regardless. My phone and wallet have no problem getting inside, and it even comes with a small pocket for items like keys.

    Wear it with lolita or just a really cute outfit, and it’s bound to make you feel good with compliments sprinkled here and there!
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