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  • 2019-11-26
    I wanted this dress for a long time so i'm really happy i finally got it.
    I picked normal waist version and it's very elegant dress, something in between hime and sweet.

    My measurements are: 98cm in breast and 75cm in waist so you can imagine buying lolita dress is pretty hard for me, thankfully this dress is perfect! I picked size M and it's fits like custom made.
    I also bought blouse but in size L and i think M would be too small on breasts.

    Only thing that i dislike if fact my dress is lacking one bow on a strap, after some research it turned out for some reason some dresses in blue color are all lacking it and dress comes with one empty clip. It's not big problem but i'm kinda disappointed.
    Service:Hi, greetings :) Really sorry for the missing bow. We are glad to compensate you ^^ And will also be more careful about details like this :) -Linda
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