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  • 2020-12-02
    I purchased both dresses (dusty pink and deep red colorways) and the matching blouse and underskirt - everything is, to my delight, made in excellent quality and is more pretty in real than on the photo; I'm ecstatic over the weight of the fabric (as mentioned in the previous review this dress is HEAVY and needs a serious petti to give it lift and poof!) the richness of the colors and the level of craftsmanship and details is breathtaking..! <3
    Definitely beyond worth of every penny and easy to coord being so allround and versatile in looks it covers both the Classic and Gothic realm beautifully..! <3
  • 2020-11-25
    I ordered both the red dress and the white skirt and they're both amazing.
    The skirt has an elastic waistline plus cute rose-shaped buttons, if you're plus size, it shouldn't be much of a problem(I am plus sized).
    The red dress is beautiful and the details are just like in the picture. The problem is the buttons, they're stuck in thread and they're weakly attached, one came off already when I tried to open the dress, so that's a minus. The dress is also great for plus sized people
    You will need a strong petticoat (like a fish bone petticoat, or one with a ring at the bottom) and a long one, because the dress is long. All the little bows and the back lace are in separate bags for you to put on, there's also extra buttons.
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