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  • 2020-06-21
    I agree with most of the previous review (for example had to re-sew all the glued bows) but have to say, that you still get a lot of value for the price in terms of fabric, design and overall look..!

    Of course if you cannot use a needle and thread to secure something with a couple of stitches, it may seem as a bad buy, but realizing that you cannot even get a simple nonbrand t-shirt, for the same price, in my country, it is definitely worth the buy..!

    If you're a cash-poor, big Scandinavian gal like me and don't mind the small and easily FIXABLE shortcomings, it will definitely make you feel very pretty (it's also very comfortable to wear!) and it is a straight up bargain/a very good buy for the price..!

    In that spirit I must also mention that all the dresses from Alice Girl I have been able to put my hands on thanks to Linda's kindness and payment plans (only had a one time issue with ONE dress, which had one bow, where the fabric was bleached) are definitely worth every penny and a whole lot more in terms of quality (both fabrics, prints and tailoring) and overall fabulousness, so I recommend the brand very much..! ^^
  • 2019-11-30
    Pretty but Not Well Made.
    Not as good quality as I had hoped, but with the price I paid I'm happy regardless.

    The main part of the blouse has a few loose threads on the hems and seams, but nothing 30 seconds with a needle and thread can't fix.

    The detachable collar bow is pretty shoddily made, with fraying and loose threads on the edges and seams. I'll need to re-sew the whole thing to make sure it doesn't fall to pieces.

    The tiny detachable decoration bows are better, but the pins are attached only by hot glue, and one had already popped off by the time it got here. Stitching the pins down would have been more secure.

    However, you do get what you pay for, as this is a cheap blouse, and after I fix up all the loose ends I think it'll be a perfectly good piece for my wardrobe. It's very pretty and matches what you see in the picture, and the fabric is soft and comfortable.
    Service:Hi, thanks a lot for your review, and sorry for the shortcomings of the blouse. I will report these to tailors and try to improve :) Also contacted you to get you some store credits! -Linda.
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