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  • 2020-06-21
    i buyed the dress twice, the first came with blemish, 2 Pearl necklaces are missing on the dress and the brooch had been sewn in the wrong way.
    So that the actual hanging pearl is not hanging, but is upside down.
    That means, it's work for me to corecct this :/ (that's why i was not so happy with the first dress)

    The second dress was perfect, no wrong or missing things and i got free little extras, earrings and a little underskirt.
    That was the informations to the sent condition.

    The dress itself is beautiful and worked in great detail. It's absolutly gorgerous. The dress is relatively heavy and therefore needs many petticoats or a frame to push it.
    if i can, i would buy it again :)

    sry but i can't uplode more than 3 pictures
    Service:Hi, really sorry for the first dress. If you could email me, I will get you some compensation: Thanks :)
  • 2020-06-21
    I just got the dress in white and it's beautiful. It is very detailed.

    Just have two markes.

    The midle pearl line isn't quiet a line, more like a snake that goes left and right, it didn't seem like this on the pictures. I can't change this like I wan't, cause they are pressed in on the place.

    The second thing is, one side of the hanging pearls, where the flowers are, is longer than the other. I am not sure if that is wanted, but it doesn't bother me as much as the pearl line said before.

    Over all a very nice dress, even though, I can't wear it right now, cause of the Coronavirus cancelling conventions, where I wanted to wear this ^-^
    Service:Hi, thanks a lot for your review. Really sorry I will convey the shortcomings to tailors :) Please also give me a note when there's next order, I will include a gift :) -Linda
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