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  • 2020-06-25
    I got both the white and orange-pink underskirt as a sort of belated Christmas present earlier this year.

    I originally thought to use them with the Elpress L Umbrella Leaf OPs in white and orange-ish pink (which is a rather difficult colour to match ^.^°).

    I haven't checked how _those_ two combos look yet, but the white skirt does go great with the Elpress L Light of Fireflies OP. :)

    And the orange-pink one is an almost exact colour match to the pink of the ZJ Story Cloud Deer top and skirt set in white and pink (don't know about the blue and pink set as I didn't get that one but I think it would work, too). ^.^ Or at least it was until I washed the skirt and top and the pink tulle lost it's orange-ish tint somewhat somehow and actually _is_ more pinkish now. XP

    Also, by folding over the elastic at the waist you can adjust the length of the skirt. Without the folded over fabric bunching up noticeably at the waist under the dress! And this underskirt is _not_ of the flimsy variety. ^.-

    A solid, versatile underskirt that also offers an option for that difficult to match salmon-y, apricot-y can't-really-quite-describe-it orange-pink.

    I think I'll need to get the black version as well. XD
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