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  • 2020-11-21
    Beautiful dress! I bought the JSK in blue. The material is soft and light. Due to the full shirring in the back, it's very comfortable and should fit a range of sizes. However, do keep in mind that this dress does not have a zipper. It was no problem for me to put it on, but if you have broad shoulders or are on the bigger side of the indicated sizing, be cautious.
    The shoulder straps have several button holes to adjust the length. On the longest length, the dress is still pretty high waisted for me and overall falls to a little past my knees (I'm 170 cm tall and tried it on without a petticoat only so far). This is pretty much what I assumed from the pictures. The waist ties are not removable, but the bow and little chain in the front are.
    Overall I'm very happy with this!
  • 2020-06-26
    came exactly how it looks and is very soft and silky. there's a nice under slip so no fear for it being see through and its goes past my knees (I'm 5'4")

    the only thing that's off for me is the placement of the pins for the front waist bow, easy to fix though

    for the price and the quality I'm giving this dress a 5 star rating!
  • 2020-06-26
    I love the light material, easy to iron, and is super soft! Bow is detachable, the necklace thing is also detachable. The straps are adjustable and the print is so CUTE! It's very loose and comfy and very easy to wear long periods of times. I'm really holding off on getting the OP even though I really want to!
  • 2020-06-25
    I got the OP in Burgundy and is soooo pretty! It is a little tight on the chest but that's because I'm a bit busty and I probably gained some weight on quarantine lol great quality for the price, the print looks awesome and detailed! I'd say be careful with the buttons cause they may detach easily because of their shape, but everything else is just perfect!
  • 2020-06-22
    So, I got the OP by mistake (I'm NOT an OP girl, because I find the skirts and SK much more versatile, and I'm also a big boned Scandinavian, so they usually do not fit!) and reluctantly tried it on...


    I LOVE IT!

    The delightful surprise with this brand is, that even though the price is so low, it is still great quality!

    The OP is very well made, with quality fabric (also has a super soft inner lining) and gorgeous prints, fits like a dream and super comfy to wear..!

    This was my least desired garment, which became the most compliment receiving!
    And it's versatile too -wear it with a shortcropped jacket/capelet for a different look..!
  • 2020-06-01
    This is officially my first lolita (and OP)dress ever and I'm in love! The print is very beautiful, I never like busy prints but this one was *chef's kiss*glistening and amazing and cute and everything good that life can bring me(?) The price is sooo good for the quality, great fabric, great inner lining, great lace... I got the burgundy (wine) OP, I know JSKs usually are more versatile but I fell in love with the collar part! I thought the waist would be lower and it goes a teeny tiny tight on my chest but that's because I'm a bit busty and, honestly, quarantine made me gain some weight lol also I have broad shoulders... but it fits great! It's got a zip on one side and the buttons of the front and wrists are functional! I put 4 starson quality just because of the nature of the buttons which look like they could fell in a while (nothing that can't be fixed tho) but everything else is magical!
  • 2019-11-30
    All the dresses from Alice Girl are AMAZING!
    You get super good quality, gorgeous prints and fine tailoring for the price -Alice Girl have become my all time favorite Brand -especially because they also tailor for us bigbusted girls..!

    Both the OP and the JSK in this series are fantastic! ^__^
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