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  • 2020-12-29
    This JSK and cape are FLAWLESS!! <3
    I got it in the Grey colorway and it's just so incredibly PERFECT in every way and I can't express how GORGEOUS it is in real life..!! <3
    The craftsmanship, the fabrics and the design (combining lolita and Musketeers - LOVE IT! <3) are all so LOVELY and it's now one of my biggest treasures..! <3

    The only little thing is the "blouse part" - it's sooo overly pretty that I really wish it could be separated from the JSK, so I could use it with other coords (and easier for washing) but I'm so thrilled anyway with this set, so nothing can bring it down..! <3
  • 2020-06-21
    I just want to thank miss Linda herself for being so responsive to my inquiries and making sure to take care of the order in such a timely fashion. This dress is such a dream and fits to an absolute T. I've never felt so elegant and it's all thanks to this lovely little shop and to whomever crafted such a piece and to that I say thank you ♡♡
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