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  • 2021-06-21
    Wow, that color are fantastic!
    I also have the dress in blue and blue is my favorite color, but to my birthday i wanted it in purple and it was the right choice. The color of the dress is so nice, this can no photo shown.
    Quality is again really nice and details really fine, only little problem are the loop, they are out of an other material as the loops from the blue one. I have to glue the end of the loop that it not frayed. But that's ok, for the quality that you get by this dress and that what you pay.
    Shipping was fast, i ordered the dress a little bit to late, so i think it's not here on my birthday, but it was, thank you Linda
  • 2020-09-11
    (I have blue in size L) The dress is in real, much more beautiful, than the photos can show.
    I tought the fabric is heavy but he is easy, a lot easier than I expected, it's very pleasant.
    The details are very soft, so you can see them especially well when you are close, that makes the dress less intrusive, I also find that very pleasant :)
    I would buy it again.
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