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  • 2022-08-04
    I am very happy with the dress! It was a bit tight in the beginning but now it fits perfectly!
  • 2022-08-04
    I got this dress for my birthday back in March, it arrived in May and it was amazing! Very good quality, just a little bit small around the chest area, I wore it a lot and now it's good around the chest. 10/10 would recommend
  • 2021-05-17
    I got this dress off of Ebay, but I realized it is being sold here as well. I got a size XL just for being comfy. I have a size 38 inch bust. It is very comfortable and very pretty,
  • 2020-06-26
    I love this dress! I ordered the L size OP and it fits me comfortably (even with my large bust at 30G)! The print detail is absolutely beautiful. The dress is fully lined & has plenty of room for petticoats underneath it. My favorite details are the angel ladies & the big, super-poofy balloon sleeves!

    The fabric quality is about what you would expect from a $65 dress. It feels nice but of course it's not quite as amazing as something you would get from a 'big brand' like AP or Meta. The fabric is comfortable and warm. The lace is all very beautiful. The ribbons feel a little bit cheap but they don't detract from the overall beauty of the dress.

    Overall, I'm very happy with it! I'm really excited for the weather to start cooling down so I can really start wearing this gorgeous OP.
  • 2020-06-25
    An absolutely perfect dress, just came in! The material is just so soft and comfy! The print is super pretty, and the poofy balloon sleeves are just too cute!! 100% recommend, an adorable piece.
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