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Fairytale Town Dance~Lolita Hime Sleeves Blouse
Fairytale Town Dance~Lolita Hime Sleeves Blouse


US$ 34.99
Reviews (3)
  • 2020-12-15
    I love this blouse so much! I got it in white and it’s pretty see through but still so so elegant. I didn’t have any problems with the arm bands either, they were very comfortable and I didn’t even notice any tightness. The lace is gorgeous and the sleeves hit at the perfect 3/4 length. A beautiful blouse, especially for the price!
  • 2020-06-25
    Looks lovely and goes exactly with what I wanted it to. But the elastic in the sleeves is so tight that it bruised my arms! I had to cut it to make it more comfortable, but it doesn't affect the look thankfully. Other than that it's great.
    Service:Hi, thanks for your review, and sorry about the blouse tight at arm. I will send this to tailors and hope it could be improved in future versions :)
  • 2020-05-19
    I was saddened as this is the first product from this website that I have not been fully satisfied with. The blouse itself looks very lovely. Not exactly as pictured however with the lace around the neck being shorter than expected. The body part of the blouse fits just fine but the arms are very tight and I could not wear this for a long duration of time. I've seen in the other review here they attempted to cut the elastic to make it fit more properly and I see myself doing the same in the future. Lovely color, I ordered it in black and it is for sure a matte black color. The way the lace falls around the end of the sleeve is very nice, just way too tight elastic in arm and neck area.
    Service:Greetings :) Really sorry for the shirring too tight at the neck and arm side. I will convey that to tailors and hope they could improve at next bulk :) I have sent you an email, wish to compensate you in some way.
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