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  • 2021-04-17
    I ordered this dress in the long version in the green colorway. The color is more of a blue-green than the forestgreen I thought it would be. The dress had a bit off a smell, so I put it in water with vinegar to stabelize the colors and washed it out carefully, Now the smell is gone, but the beautyfull creem color got a greyish overlay (very even) that makes it look a bit sad. BE CAREFUL WHEN CLEANING.
    None the less, it's still very very beautyful.
    Before buying, considder what kind of coat or jacket youll wear, because of the sleeves.
    This dress has a lot of volume, and needs a strong full petticoat or a hoopskirt.
    It is a very elegant piece, that will look fantastic on any outing, thou I advise to be cautiouse of small spaces (restrooms, small caffees, rows in shops, cramped living spaces with knickknacks at knee high, etc)

    Here a Link to my preliminary review vid:

    Do not missunderstand, I'm very much in LOVE with this dress.
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