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Loris Violin Shaped Lolita Bag
Loris Violin Shaped Lolita Bag


US$ 29.99
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  • 2021-04-23
    This bag! OMG! <3

    I got it in the white colorway, so I could combine it with my summer coords, and it's unexpectedly big and so very ADORABLE..! <3

    Forget the summer coords, because this baby will go perfectly with my black and white coords also..! <3

    And did I mention that it's quite big! This bag can carry a lot more than just your few essentials like wallet, phone, lipgloss etc - you can have ALL the essentials with you, and still there's also room for the whole makeup pouch AND a portable speaker, if you so desire..! <3

    Loris is definitely a great brand for very little money - this bag certainly proves it! It's crafted very nicely (everything looks so neat) and it seems very sturdy and up for the challenge of long-term use! I definitely recommend..! ^__^
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