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  • 2020-06-22
    I got mine tailored, and the tailoring is pretty weird... I don't think I gave my measurements wrong? Anyways, it was mostly an issue with the straps, they were SUUUUUPER long, the dress fit weirdly because of it. I took them down 13cm and they fit fine. Dress itself fits comfortably besides that! Even with a lil bit of room, but not enough for me to consider it too big. It doesn't make use of the shirring, anyways.
    I should add, at least for me, the straps aren't adjustable? I heard that they should be, so it might be a tailor-related thing.

    As the other reviewer said, it is pretty shiny! But that's not much of a problem for me at least.
    I can't compare it to any other lolita dresses in terms of quality, but I think it's good! The lace and print is suuuuuuper pretty and it's comfortable. Haven't tried it with a petti yet as I have yet to get one, but twirling around makes it just as huge as the model image! You could probably use a very poofy petticoat for this

    Also, all of the bows are detachable!
    Service:Dear Cynthie,

    Thanks for your detailed review, and sorry about the straps. We will learn from that and improve :) Would you please contact me by email to [email protected], and I will get you some store credits, or a gift?

    Thanks, Linda
  • 2020-06-21
    My parents bought me this dress for christmas. I think it’s a cute dress, the lace is pretty. But, I think it’s a little bit shiny. It’s not really a problem, but I know some people don’t like shiny dress.

    And it come with 2 little bow for the dress if you lose one, so it’s cool

    I’m happy with this dress
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