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Song Of The Yggdrasil- Sweet Lolita Tights
Song Of The Yggdrasil- Sweet Lolita Tights


US$ 14.99
Reviews (2)
  • 2021-11-07
    Oooh! These tights are so PRETTY! <3

    I got them in the white colorway where the pattern is showed on one leg front and on one leg back, and they are just fabulous..! Also very sturdy in both the material and print (the print is layered thick on top of the tights, so there's no warping/distortion of it, but remember to never put them in a dryer!) and as mentioned in the previous review, they stretch easily - also over my legs (I'm 170cm) and are also comfortable in the waist + I can wear another pair of tights underneath for extra warmth/protection during the cold and wet Scandinavian winters..! <3

    Can only recommend these tights and Yidhra in general, as they deliver excellent quality..! <3
  • 2020-06-21
    I bought the white version of these and they're beautiful! I'm 177cm tall and they fit well!
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