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  • 2020-06-25
    I am extremely happy with these shoes, they are probably the best quality custom made shoes I have ever bought!

    There were some concerns from the My Lolita Dress staff at first about the sizing. I selected 44 which looks like it has been removed from the sizing list now, and was told it was actually a European size 43. We went back and forth a few times and I decided to risk it as the shoes were cheap anyway. For reference, my true foot size is 26.7cm by 10~10.5cm.

    The shoes arrived a couple of weeks after ordering with DHL shipping and they actually fit okay. The shoes were labelled size 44 (Chinese size) which appear to be 27cm exactly toe to heel on the interior, and about 9cm inside which is narrow. They are true to Chinese sizing. If there was an option to size up, I would probably go for it as my feet are average to wide, but they do fit, and I can walk in them.

    The only issue I really have is not all the straps fit. I can add some extra holes with a leather punch and they should just fit, but be cautious.

    I highly recommend these shoes!
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