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Classic Single Strap Lolita Shoes
Classic Single Strap Lolita Shoes


US$ 46.99
Reviews (2)
  • 2020-06-30
    Cute shoes, multiple color choices! Ordered these and I'm in love with them. To determine my size I used my Europe size which was available on a pair of my doc martens.
    When I first put them on, the strap popped off and I panicked thinking I broke them. BUT I learned that you can pop the strap on and off. It was actually an easier way of putting them on.

    They're very simple and classic which is what I like. Highly recommend
  • 2020-06-18
    Cute shoes! I ordered these because of the classic simple look and I could not be happier. They came wrapped in plastic and in good condition.

    When I put them on the strap popped off causing me to panic. BUT I realized that I can pop the strap on and off and the buckle is more for adjustment. So I set the buckle to hole I want, and then just pop the strap on.

    I chose my size based on the Europe size of a pair of doc martens I own. It was on the mark.

    Would buy again.
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