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Pretty White Unicolor Lolita Shoes
Pretty White Unicolor Lolita Shoes


US$ 52.99
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  • 2020-06-25
    i ordered these shoes in shiny black with 8cm heels. I ordered them one size bigger just to be sure, but that would not have been necessary at all. they are now slighty too big, but than can be fixed with some extra soles inside the shoes. :^)

    The straps where a bit too loose for me, so I had to punch new holes to make them tighter, but apart from that, they fit very nicely and even after many hours of walking, are still comfortable.
    however, the metal clip part of the straps is not heart shaped like in the pictures, but just a square. it can be clipped on and off, at first i got really worried when i accidentally removed it, but you can just clip it back on.

    All in all, im very happy with them! They are comfortable, look very good in shiny black and are not too expensive. I hope I can wear them a long time. :^)
  • 2019-11-30
    Cuteeeeee!These came exactly like I expected. They're not completely matte if you order matte they're just not shiny which is good. Mine did come with the heart buckle! I'm a size US 6.5 so I ordered a size 37 and they were a bit big in the foot and strap, but that's okay.
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