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Black Shiny High Platform Punk Lolita Shoes
Black Shiny High Platform Punk Lolita Shoes


US$ 64.99
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  • 2020-06-22
    So i just got my shoes and my, i love them! i never worn these kinds of shoes so i need to work with them so thats my fault. The only thing i have an issue on is the open area of the foot where the toes are though but all i need to do is stretch it out. i found some tricks on how to stretch patent leather shoes.

    now for the shoes themselves. they look amazing and gorgeous. The inside of the shoe is sssooo comfortable and the bottom of the shoes have a VERY slip resistant material so that you don't slip.

    The customer support have been so kind and willing to work with me even when we had all these problems with my order due to how i never baught shoes online, let alone got custom sized ones. when the shipment was not updated, they spoke to the shippers about the issue on where my package was and they got back to me about it all. Everyone here is so kind i couldn't be more grateful.

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