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  • 2020-06-24
    It's made of really nice, thick material. Looks exactly as pictured. Sizing is accurate.
  • 2020-06-22
    the bad:
    the fabric used in the image and in the shirt itself are definitely different, in the shirt its a cheap and less think fabric which is clearly plastic/synthetic based, it's not exactly sheer however but you can see through it to an extent that you wouldn't want to were a black bra with it.
    the buttons are also quite flimsy, plastic things which are more reminiscent of a Halloween costume

    the good:
    even with this it's still a very pretty shirt and I will continue to wear it, I also normally pear it with a big sheer pink puffy blouse on top of it which obscures things like the buttons and the fact it's a little small (not their fault, but remember most of this stuff the sizes run small so consider going up a size)

    nice enough and pretty but I don't think its really worth the 40$+ however.
    Service:Hi, Tacha,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed review. I will convey this to tailors and we will try improving :) Would you please contact me by email and I will get you some store points, as a thanks for your review?


  • 2020-06-21
    Finding a thick fabric blouse is hard and this does the job. It is not see through, so it is easy for me to wear another shirt underneath for the winter. It looks just like the picture and with this blouse there is none of the weird button cap in between the chest area. Sizing is also accurate.
  • 2018-06-15
    This blouse was lovely. It has beautiful fabric and is made is slightly stretchy fabric. However the lace is a tiny bit scratchy but it does look nice.

    My biggest issue is the description here, this blouse DOES NOT HAVING SHIRRING! "(Has 6cm shirring)"SO when I got it, despite it being very pretty it was not as mentioned and has left me very disappointed when it arrived. Other than that the fit was good, nice baggy sleeve but the bust was a tiny bit small.

    IF you do not mind the lace and the fact is does NOT have any shirring, it is a good simple blouse and does the job.
    Service:Really sorry that we didn't notice this mistake until you pointed it out.

    We have updated the infomation on the website. Thanks for your kind reminding.
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