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  • 2020-06-24
    Don't get me wrong, with an underskirt, appropriate blouse and petti, this ensemble is stunning to behold. It will make you feel like you walked out of a fairy tale. The design as a concept is simply gorgeous and I love it.

    The majority of the print is muted, and I think this is an intentional feature of the design, as the cameo scenes on the skirt are very bright and clear - featuring scenes from, I assume, the original folklore. The surface skirt is nice and dark, but sheer, and is draped beautifully. The bonnet is large (SO LARGE), but lightweight and easy to wear.

    On to my issues though. The fabric of the surface skirt, lining and dress is very, very thin. If you lift the dress fabric from the lining, it is transparent. The texture of the dress fabric is also a little strange, and shiny - and it is very easy to catch clips, nails and other pointy objects on. This made it difficult to pin on the bows without damaging the fabric. I am worried it will tear easily if worn to an event where there are table edges and door handles. :c

    The lace of the bodice, which features arches and roses, is stiff - not soft - and shiny. You must lace the shirring yourself, but the loops for doing so are tightly bunched, and you will need a needle to thread it through the back.

    As mentioned, the design itself is truly stunning, and I don't regret purchasing the dress. However, for the quality you get, I feel as if the materials used to construct it could have been much better.
    Service:Dear Lucy,

    Thanks for your detailed review. We will go on trying and improve our quality for the dresses :)


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