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  • 2017-09-22
    The material is very nice. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the material has these textured tiny white dots all over it which I think looks very sweet. The chiffon moves beautifully as you walk and the print is as lovely as it looks in the preview images. It's such a delicate material though, it's not for everyday wear. The dress is more yellow than I thought from the images provided but it's still pale and not too vibrant. The material at the bottom (the ruffles and netting) aren't as luxurious of a material as I had hoped but it looks like the pictures so I suppose it's fine. I expected it to be a little fancier for the price though.
    Once on, the dress fits me just right (I got the L, my bust is 96cm and waist 80cm) although I don't think this size could fit much bigger measurements as it feels like I might break the zip when trying to pull the dress on, if I'm not very careful. The decorative cups on the bust of the dress are a too small to fit my larger bust and thus don't sit under my boobs as they should (it technically fits fine but I don't think it looks as nice as if it fully covered my bust).
    Overall, I love the print and material of the dress and the length is very elegant (definitely needs to be dressed up with lace and pearls for accessories :P) however with the exchange rate and shipping I ended up spending almost $200 for this dress and while I love it, I'm not sure it's quite worth that price. If you are just in love with the print though I can assure you that part is as beautiful (if not more so) than it looks in the pictures.
    I hope this was helpful :)
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