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Strawberry Witch Peony Printed Qi Lolita OP
Strawberry Witch Peony Printed Qi Lolita OP


US$ 86.99
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  • 2020-06-25
    I was worried because i'd never ordered a dress for anyone else let alone someone who couldn't come over to my house to try it on the day it arrived. I have a friend who lives in CA and she loved this dress. Has loved it for a long time. I purchased it as a gift for her deciding to spend a little extra and use custom measurements. I wanted to be sure this fit her nicely. (after all she is just starting to dabble in Lolita and I'd hate for her to get scared off brand does tend to be a little small/short even for me. ) The customer service was wonderful, nice and polite double checking the measurements with me before everything was finalized. I knew that it might take a while for the dress to be made due to the customization but I was in no way prepared for how Fast it came. I requested it arrive before Thanksgiving so I could get it to my friend and boy did it come before thanksgiving. It came before November even started! She loves this dress and the site even added in a pair of matching stockings for her(I believe it was a special gift thing they had going on for Halloween) making my gift a full cord. The dress is a perfect size and my friend absolutely adores it.
  • 2020-06-22
    Not only was the delivery fast, but the product is beautiful. A perfect fit and very nicely made. Totally worth the price!
  • 2017-06-24
    Thank you so much to Linda for asking the tailors if they could put a rush order on my dress as I was worried it might not come in time for an event. I really appreciate her time for doing that for me

    The dress itself and the peony print is really good quality and has 2 zippers for easy access (One on back and one on side). I also enjoy that the design of the dress isn't overly lolita so it is quite easy to wear this dress to formal gatherings as well

    There is obviously great care to the details of the dress like the trim, the ruffles, and the fabric clasps

    Sorry for crappy quality photo (I have a slight A-line petticoat underneath the dress in photo as I think it looks much nicer sitting naturally than having the bell top)
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