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  • 2020-01-08
    I've been looking for a cute blouse like this for a while now. This is the prettiest one I have to date! I got my custom tailored and it fits very nicely. If you have a large bust, make sure to add an inch or two if you want to wear this with just a skirt. It puckers a little bit for me so I will need to wear it under a JSK.

    The materials feel very good! There is a slip sown in to help with the white material so that it isn't see-through. The lace is gorgeous and has a cute design. However, this blouse is very warm due to the lace! So make you wear while in a cooler place or you may feel a little flushed after a while. The little accessories it comes with to fancy up the blouse are also adorable.

    I totally recommend this blouse. I would consider getting another one in a different color. It's just that lovely.
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