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Elegant Infanta Tea Party Inside Wear Lolita OP
Elegant Infanta Tea Party Inside Wear Lolita OP


US$ 74.99
Reviews (2)
  • 2020-06-25
    I ordered this under-dress in mint and dark blue, XL, to solve two personal wardrobe problems:
    1. I am 173 cm and favor longer skirts.
    2. My 40 cm shoulders Hulk out of the average L woman's blouse.

    This under-dress is what I wanted and needed! The length and shoulder room was perfect for me! The colors are vibrant, and I hope to buy more in the future!

    I recommend a gentle wash before wearing the garment. Out of the package, the dark blue was staining my fingers but stopped after a delicate cycle in my washing machine.
  • 2015-02-03
    I ordered this 'under dress' in three separate colours; navy, wine and coffee. The fabric is lovely and there is a full lining underneath. Very few stray threads. I ordered the XL and for someone who has a 78cm waist and 98cm but it fit wonderful. There is lacing in the back so you can adjust as needed for a snugger fit.
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