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  • 2021-03-27
    I got these tights in the light green/mint colorway with the pink print and they are definitely worth the price! <3
    They are quite opaque and the print is "thick", durable and I can just about fit them without any issues (I'm 170cm) really perfect for me and my coords and I completely adore them..! <3
  • 2020-06-24
    I ordered those tights in beige colour (so the background is a kind of cream colour and the patterns are darker, something between dark beige and light brown).

    I'm very satisfied of them, they are so beautiful !

    I wouldn't recommend them to tall girls (as said in the description).
    I'm 1.58 meter tall and they fit me well.
  • 2018-06-24
    I ordered beige tights.
    The tights themself are thick and soft. I can wear them very easily, because I'm not that tall (1,45m).
    But sadly the print is two faced, on the back and front are different colors used for the print (hard to see, but noticeable).
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