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35cm Black Red Face Framing Lolita Wig
35cm Black Red Face Framing Lolita Wig


US$ 24.99
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  • 2020-06-21
    Hi! I bought this wig for my Harley Quinn Lookbook. I also reviewed it on my youtube channel linked on this review. I really like this wig!

    It does come in a bob rather than the bowl cut shown and the bangs are long (Which is a good thing~ Most people prefer that) so it requires styling.

    It is pretty shiny and only slightly more for the average shine amount for this price range but its erasable. For the shine I just used baby Powder and problem solved.

    The wig is really good. It's super hard to find a wig online that comes in this style and length so I'm really glad they have it.

    You can get it to look like shown if you research how to cut wigs and cut it! You’ll also have to deshine it to.

    It's perfect, I would say, for a genderbend Harley, punk rock look, or even just gothic lolita in general.

    Overall I would give it an 8/10 without de-shining and 10/10 de-shined.

    More info about it on my video linked. :3
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