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Purple Brown Curls Lolita Wig
Purple Brown Curls Lolita Wig


US$ 29.99
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  • 2020-06-24
    Starting off I want to say that Ms. Linda was very helpful and kept in contact with me during the wait while my order was being processed. At the time, the length I wanted was out of stock. So I had about a month and half to 2 month wait.

    The wig itself is very dense and has just a little shine, like really healthy hair. The wig is thick, all the way to the bottom. It does seem to shed quite a bit when I brush it, no matter how carefully, but this may slow down after some use.

    This wig seems to have some long layers, and the curls are concentrated on the bottom. For people who like really layered hair, you might want to add more, for me it is perfect.

    The hair on the wig available for bangs is VERY thick, if you're going for air bangs, it might be difficult to style this one, but maybe not impossible. The wig comes cut with "hime" like panels on either side of the face. Personally, I would have liked less hair for the bangs area, but it still is well done.

    Finally, the color is accurate and I absolutely adore it, it's a very unique shade of purple. I would recommend this wig to others! Thank you, Linda <3

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