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Infanta Fairy Dance Chiffon Lolita Blouse
Infanta Fairy Dance Chiffon Lolita Blouse


US$ 35.99
Reviews (5)
  • 2020-06-24
    Perfect off-white color. Very elegant blouse. I wear a size 38dd and the XL fit fine. Buttons and lace are very pretty. Soft lace.
  • 2020-06-22
    First of I have to say that I ordered this blouse knowing it would be a tad bit too small around the bust. I got it in XL and the max measurement for the garment says 96cm, with a recommendation of a bust measurement to be 3cm to 4cm smaller than the garment size. I'm at 95cm around my bust.
    When I received it I immediately tried it on and had to confirm that it's a bit too small around the bust, but I can make the blouse fit with a sports bra and the shirring taken out. So if you're around 95cm for your bust, I guess you can still make it work and it still look good.

    Now onto the blouse itself.
    I got the blouse in dark blue. I expected the colour to be a bit lighter, more like the picture shows it. But it's not a big issue to me since I tend to like dark colours more and it still fit's the coord I had in mind.
    The material is a nice soft chiffon and lace is of good quality too. It's soft and detailed. The colour of ribbon for the shirring in the back matches perfectly with the colour of the blouse and is not too shiny.
    The button holes are a bit narrow, so it can get a bit hard to open and close the blouse, but it also makes sure that no button will slip out while wearing the blouse.
    There were a few loose threads around the blouse, but nothing major. Otherwise everything is in perfect condition and how I expected it to be.
  • 2020-06-22
    Just got it in the mail yesterday, and I already love this blouse. The chiffon is incredibly soft, and the lace is beautifully detailed. I got it in white, and I'll say what everyone else is saying: it's actually more of a cream color than it looks in the photos. That's exactly what I was looking for, so I'm really glad I listened to the other reviewers. I will say though, this may not be an issue in darker colors but the white at least is pretty sheer so be advised you may need to wear something under it.
  • 2019-03-06
    I really love this blouse, but it's definitely more of an off-white/cream colour rather than a pure white (the lace, however, is pure white). That works fine for me, but I just thought I'd let others know. It's a very pretty blouse.
  • 2015-01-16
    I got this blouse in navy blue and the color is rich and gorgeous. This will be my first lolita blouse ever and I'm glad I decided to go with Infanta instead of Bodyline. The price was even better then all the other stores that sold the same blouse.
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