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  • 2022-08-01
    The blouse is so gorgeous ❤ I bought it in three different colors (lavender, red and khaki) and chose custom size. It fits perfectly and they are very comfortable. There's some lacing in the back, which gives a nice shape. The material is robust and is a little shiny. You can wear them over or under a skirt. I would totally recommend these blouses.
  • 2020-06-26
    Easy to coord, well made, and perfect with a skirt or under a jsk.
  • 2020-06-24
    Got this in an L size as the bust on the XL would have been much too big. It squeezes my waist a bit more than I would like, but that's my own problem. As for the garment, the construction is excellent. The fabric feels very nice, and I love the length of the sleeves. The buttons were a bit difficult to do. As for the back corset lacing, my blouse came with horrendously shiny white ribbon, which did not match this off-white blouse at all, so I will be replacing it with something more suitable. Overall, a great piece!
  • 2020-06-22
    This blouse is just wonderful! I had it ordered in all black, and it was custom sized. The material is soft, the blouse well crafted, and it was made to my specific measurements. The front bow is detachable, an extra button in included in case one is lost, and there are corset ties in the back for a more snug fit.

    I will say that because it was made exactly to my size that it does fit snug, but not horribly so. I would recommend adding an inch or two, or a few cm to your personal measurements if you want a looser fit. Especially if you're big in the bust. Personally, I appreciate how it fits all around and found it very comfortable.

    This blouse is very true to the pictures! If you're looking for a quality custom made blouse, this is a good choice!
  • 2020-06-22
    This is a gorgeous blouse. The attention to detail is wonderful. The bow is detachable and it looks wonderful with or without it. I like that the back has corset detailing so you can adjust it. The buttons are also very pretty. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and I am 120 pounds and it fits me perfectly.
  • 2019-11-30
    I ordered this blouse in black, and in a M size.
    I read in the reviews that these blouses ran a bit small, and indeed, being 153cm tall and weighing 45kg, the M size fits me perfectly (I usually wear S-sized clothes). Even if it ends being too large, you can adjust it thanks to the corset lacing in the back, so don't worry about going a size up.
    The glue sticking the safety pin and the detachable bow together can be pretty fragile, so you might need some glue to repair it if it comes off.
    This blouse is simply beautiful, with a lot of details, and as the photos show.
  • 2015-06-25
    Beautiful blouse! The bow is detachable and slightly smaller than I thought but it's still wonderful. The material is good quality as well as the buttons. x
  • 2014-08-19
    It's a lovely blouse. I got it in white to go under a JSK. I was very pleased when I opened the package, the material felt nice and the buttons were beautiful. It runs a little small. My actual size was several centimeters lower than the recommended size for the one I purchased, it was still snug. The fabric isn't thin, but you can definitely see the outline of a white bra in bright lights. You may want to get a nude colored bra or wear a camisole of this bothers you. The bottom fits directly against your hips, there may not be a lot of space to wear a skirt under it. I definitely recommend going up a size. The buttons were beautiful, but I did have one slight issue. One of the button holes was too small and it's very difficult to get the one button in. With all of that said, I'm still glad I got it. Not looks beautiful under a jumperskirt.
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