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Double-layers Collar Lolita Winter Jacket
Double-layers Collar Lolita Winter Jacket


US$ 79.99
Reviews (3)
  • 2023-01-20
    The coat is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I love it and very well made. It was a custom order and they made it to fit my bigger size. I will always shop here for absolutely stunning coats and I’m sharing this site with all of my friends. Thank you so much.
  • 2020-06-21
    I got this coat in the light beige color with matching custom lace trimmings (very pretty lace in beige/gold) and a laced up corset style back instead of the waist belt (yes, you can change that!) with matching cape (which is also fully lined and fitted with a pretty pearl button) and it's overall well made, which also include the fabric and thick "quilted" lining (it's a heavy and warm coat) and a welcomed bonus is that is has THREE pockets -two on each side and one inner pocket! Super!

    BUT..! -The cuffs on the sleeves, where there are supposed to be frills/ruffles and buttons, there's only a weak rendering of something that looks very remotely like ruffles with no buttons (?) another detail that also cheapens the overall look, is that all the bows are attached with ordinary/regular safety pins and not "brooch pins" (this you can fix your self easily though, but shouldn't be necessary!) but the real heartbreaker for me is, that the "skirt part" of this coat is no where near big enough for poofy voluminous skirts and dresses..! And if you're, like me, looking for a nice versatile coat that will not only match, but also keep the desired Lolita silhouette, THIS is unfortunately NOT the coat!!

    ... I should have asked beforehand about the hem circumference before purchasing... Sigh..!
    Service:Hi, thanks for your review and really sorry about the size issue. We will try to make the size more detailed in future :)
  • 2013-10-19
    I just received my order of this coat today and it's absolutely beautiful. The lace around the collar and pockets is of great quality and there isn't a stay thread to be seen. I ordered it in red and the hue is perfect. The coat itself is a bit on the heavy side as far as weight but that is only because of the quality lining and features so it is to be expected. Although it depends on how cold your winters are, I would say this coat is perhaps better suited for autumn, though it could work for winter too. They made sure to check every detail of my order through email before starting to avoid any possible mistakes, and overall offered exceptional service. Very happy with this!
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