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White Ponytail Wavy Lolita Wig
White Ponytail Wavy Lolita Wig


US$ 39.99
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  • 2013-02-15
    This was the first wig with ponytails i have ordered and was unsure if the ponytails war detachable, but they war so I?m happy about that

    I wished it would have said or shown a picture that the actually wig was short (went only to my neck)
    For me personally I realized that it was a good thing so I don?t get hot, but now I don?t know if all off the ponytails wigs are short or not.

    I really like the netting inside witch the hair is attach to stretchy and soft, easy to fit over my head.

    Will buy more colorful wigs especially if you write which ones are short and which ones are long.
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