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  • 2020-06-22
    I wore this dress to a boat show and everyone loved it! It was a bit shorter than i would have guess, but i just wore bloomers under neath. Which caused it to look cute because they peeked out. The material was durable and well made. It felt like cotton? It doesnt shrink in the wash tho, so no worries. Oh, i ordered the white jacket as well, but it just took away from the dresses overall appearance. I dont think the jacket is really nesscesary, it looked better on the maniquin.
    My measurements are 37, 28, 41
    I hope this helps!
    (-1 star because i prefer a little longer dress)
  • 2020-06-22
    I bought it without the minicoat. Since I'm 4 feet 8 inches and bought the XXL size, the dress was actually long enough for me, going a bit past my knees. The materials were good quality and the dress though a bit big in the waist area was perfect enough for me. I look forward to wearing it out.
  • 2014-09-02
    I ordered this in XXL with the mini coat. Unfortunately when the item reached me it was too small but otherwise the construction of the dress is generally fine, smooth seams and such. I was underwhelmed at the less than great lace quality on the sleeves of the mini jacket. The bow on the front was attached via safety pin which I was a little disappointed by and there were a couple little scuffs on the outfit as well as loose threads hanging in several locations and the buttons on the dress seemed to be sewn on quite loosely, but nothing that couldn't be easily cleaned up. Things I did enjoy were the overall material, its light and good to wear in the summer, the pockets are large and I thought the buttons on the mini coat were quite cute.
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