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  • 2022-03-20
    Yeah, okay. So the quality of the material on this OP is pretty good, Fantastic stitching, great quality fabric. I have no regrets ordering it apart from the fact that I bought it during the damn pandemic and haven't been able to wear it outside yet. I'm kind of very surprised that its such great quality for how cheap it is. The dress is one piece and the tie itself is another. They are very easy to put on. The fit is very nice and fitting. This is probably one of my favorite pieces.

    The reason why I gave it 4 stars was because the hat just simply wasn't good at all; it came half bent / creased and there are clips that are intended to be secured onto the hair, but its incredibly difficult to use them. Maybe my head is too small, or I have piss short hair, the quality itself is good but I would not order it.

    I am not wearing a petticoat or the hat in my photo. I tried the dress on with a petticoat and I think it looks better without.
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