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Your Highness ~Nun Lolita Series -Pre-order
Your Highness ~Nun Lolita Series -Pre-order


US$ 12.99
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  • 2022-01-07
    So much more beautiful in real! The pictures really dont give it justice! <3

    I purchased the fake collars in both the black and white colorway (I'm so HAPPY I got BOTH!) and I must say that the quality, the fabric and the tailoring is quite outstanding and I was very surprised of how gorgeous they look - also in the unforgiving daylight! Not to forget the attached crosses are also very beautiful and quite heavy! - Remember if you don't want the crosses, you can easily change them for other pendants like stars, moons etc. <3

    Again the quality of the fabric and the making of these collars are outstanding and well worth the price..! <3
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