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  • 2022-01-07
    WOW! Just WOW! <3

    I'm so friggin' HAPPY that I got these OTK's (stockings) in BOTH colorways, because they are AMAZIIIING!! <3

    They are a thick woven/knitted quality and they fit perfectly all the way up (I'm 170cm) to my luscious thighs and they stayed there exactly in place (I just had a thinner pair of tights underneath) for a whole day with lots of activities - I'm indeed very impressed..! <3

    The only very small detail is that in daylight, the white bows (on the white colorway OTK's) is a more creamy white opposed to the more cold white of the OTK's, so if you're a stickler with colormatching this may bug you, but in my case, when the music plays, I or others didn't notice it at all..! <3

    Also for information - the bows are glued on and not stitched (which I was wondering before purchase) but you only noticed it when you try to look under the bows, so it's not visible and you can't either tell or feel it otherwise..! <3
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