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  • 2021-07-30
    THIS. IS. AMAZING!!! <3

    EVERYTHING about this set (apart from some very minor details on the detachable collar) is way beyond worth the price of this set!! <3

    I was VERY SURPRISED and IMPRESSED by it! The detachable big cape itself is very thick and HEAVY! The fabric is dense, thick, wool-like, has "in-built" shaped shoulders (so you can easily wear it on its own with a clip-on chain in front!) it's fully lined and very excellent quality and craftmanship; also the embroideries are just beautiful!! <3

    The vest itself has a small non-detachable cape (it folds over the same place where the big cape gets attached) which is made with the same material as the big cape, and the rest of the vest is made from a dense, super SOFT suede like material, which feels amazing to touch, and the vest is also fully lined with impeccable embroidery. The buttons are metal and very nice looking (not cheap) and it all seems so durable and ready for long-term use..! <3

    The detachable collar is also made from very nice quality fabric, but the finishing of the ribbons (where they are sewn together in the corners) looks very rushed and rather poorly done (weird when the rest is so AMAZING) but it's very easily fixed, so my OCD can rest in piece. <3

    I can fully RECOMMEND this cape/vest set..! <3
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