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Sleepwalking Rabbit~ Lolita Short Coat
Sleepwalking Rabbit~ Lolita Short Coat


US$ 28.99
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  • 2022-01-07
    THIS is AMAZING for the price! I can't get over how good quality this very fluffy and super cute short coat is - I wanna wear it all the time - which is fine because it's also perfect for cozy homewear..! <3

    As mentioned before the quality of the faux fur is really GREAT! It's super soft, super fluffy and super cute! The tailoring is very good, the hood is big and the ears are adorable..! <3

    And it had pockets! Yaaay! <3

    The only small thing you should be aware of, when purchasing, is that the "patches" where the buttons are fastened, are a cool pink, and the bows and "insides of the ears" are a warm more peachy pink, so they don't exactly color match. But in my opinion it just makes the coat match more dresses, so I don't mind, because I LOVE THIS COAT..! <3
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