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  • 2020-09-12
    I actually have this blouse (in both black and white) and I've been wearing them to pieces because it's soooo GORGEOUS! <3
    The sleeves are out of this world elegantly billowing with long thick high-quality lace cuffs with big pearl buttons, creating a super pretty lantern-sleeve/bishop sleeve effect 100 folds..! <3
    Fitting is perfect and the whole blouse reeks of high quality style and it certainly elevates dresses and coords to a stunning niveau + you can use the also very well made cravat/bib (which is detachable and comes with a beautiful broche) on other blouses for more OTT looks - only downside is that the fabric is somewhat delicate and will tear/rip in the cuff area (I've been mending it repeatedly and they still look gorgeous despite it) eventually from heavy use; like reeaally heavy use, so I'm not faulting it for it..! <3

    Will definitely recommend if you're into the classic goth steam categories <3
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